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At Big Daddy’s BBQ we pride ourselves on quality of food and service. When you choose us, whether it is a Full Service or Bulk Ordering, you are a choosing a company that will go above and beyond to make sure your special occasion or every day luncheon is stress free and delicious. 


Full Service Options

As catering professionals, we suggest that if you have 100 people or more you look at our Full-Service Catering Option. In its simplest terms, Full Service with us means peace of mind. We will provide everything needed to make a set-up happen, including the staff and extra supplies. If this is your party and you the like idea of hassle free -- check out our catering contract below for more details. Not sure what menu you’d like? See the Catering Pamphlet for a list of options.

Full Service Expected Fees

Additional Fees include, $200 non-refundable deposit (that will apply towards overall catering cost), $200 Set-up fee, 15% gratuity. Outside of Treasure Valley may have travel fee of $500 or less.

Bulk Ordering

Bulk Ordering is a good option for parties that just need some good old bbq and want us to do all the work. Everything will come in disposable containers hot and ready to eat, available for pick-up or delivery. You may be thinking, I don’t want to do any of the shopping – we’ve got you covered as we offer rolls, a service pack (plates, napkins, plastic ware and serving utensils) and disposable chaffers for a small fee.

Bulk Sides
Potato SaladPintQuartMedium BowlLarge Bowl
ColeslawPintQuartMedium BowlLarge Bowl
GREEN SALAD  Medium BowlLarge Bowl
BBQ BEANSPintQuartHalf PanFull Pan
Garlic Smashed PotatoesPintQuartHalf PanFull Pan
Brisket GravyPintQuartHalf PanFull Pan
Mac n CheesePintQuartHalf PanFull Pan
Smoked Green BeansPintQuartHalf PanFull Pan

Meats By The Pound

Prices are Per pound. Average 3-4ppl per pound
  • Brisket…..$26
  • Pulled Pork…..$16/lb
  • Chopped Chicken…..$15/lb
  • Smoked Chicken Wings…..$14/lb
  • Sliced Turkey…..$16/lb
  • Spicy Sausage…..$16/lb
  • Tri Tip........$24
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Link…..$15/lb
  • Pork Ribs…..$30 each

Service Pack $.60 per person includes plastic ware, plates, napkins, and serving utensils

Rolls $4.50 per dozen.  Corn Bread Muffins $14 per dozen. 

Bulk Ordering Expected Fees

Additional Fees Pick-up is free, Delivery is $20 within the Treasure Valley and 10% gratuity. Delivery outside of Treasure Valley is $1.50 per mile.

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