Friends in the Community: Sipiyo Drinks

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Friends in the Community: Sipiyo Drinks

We met Josh and Raigen of Sipiyo Drinks when they visited Big Daddy’s Barbeque for dinner in February 2022. Since then we have enjoyed creating a relationship with them and learning more about their business. 

How It Started

Before Sipiyo drinks, Josh and Raigen worked from home. The couple would enjoy a work break that included going to a gas station for a midday pop. They wanted to find a way to share this highlight of their day with others. That’s where the idea of a soda pop shop came in and Sipiyo was born! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a location to open a soda pop shop was next to impossible. They didn’t want to hold off on this business idea so Josh and Raigen came up with a unique solution to launch Sipiyo in the interim. 

This idea was their Flavor Booster Packs! There are three packs to choose from (Alpine Chill, Beach Bummin’, and Summer Sunset) and each pack has three unique flavors! Alpine Chill includes The Matterhorn (Strawberry, Peach), Berry-Go-Round (Raspberry, Mango), and Pow Pow (Blue Curacao, Passion Fruit). Beach Bummin’ has the following flavors, Beach Boy (Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut), Spring Fling ( Pmeogranate, Vanilla), and Sunken Ship (Blackberry, Raspberry). The last pack, Summer Sunset features the delicious flavors of Gigi on Vacay (Raspberry, Vanilla), Lake Day (Coconut, Grenadine), and Georgia Peach (Peach, Grapefruit). 

Sipiyo has three Flavor Booster Packs that each have three different flavors. On display are Summer Sunset, Alpine Chill, and Beach Bummin'.

Customers were able to purchase these Flavor Booster Packs from the Sipiyo website. If you would like a Flavor Booster Pack now, you will need to visit the physical location as their website is currently being rebuilt. While they work on building their new website, you can check out their Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/sipiyodrinks/

How it's Going

After the long quest to get a location for a soda pop shop, Sipiyo is up and running at 4 6th St N, Nampa, ID 83687. Their hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and closed on Sundays.

Their menu is extensive and offers delicious options to suit anyone’s tastebuds. They have everyone’s favorite sodas (Josh loves Mtn Dew and Raigen adores Dr. Pepper) mixed with delicious combinations. You can even make your own soda mix by choosing your base soda and selecting some of your favorite flavors to blend in.

Outside of soda, Sipiyo offers lemonade, boosted waters, and even hot chocolate (seasonal). You can boost your water with Liquid IV or BCAA, both of which provide different health benefits and are so tasty!

As though their beverages weren’t already delicious enough, Sipiyo sells cookies as well. Choose between chocolate chip, sugar cookie, or a special flavor that rotates monthly. Or maybe just get all three?

Sipiyo's Cookies

The “Big Daddy’s”

Josh and Raigen honored us by creating a delicious beverage that emulates our delicious Huckleberry Crisp. Dr. Pepper combined with Huckleberry and Blackberry flavoring, and cream mixed together to create the delicious “Big Daddy’s.” 

Give the “Big Daddy’s” a try today! You will be supporting a local business owned and operated by two wonderful people making the Treasure Valley a sweeter place to be one sip at a time!

Sipiyo Sign

Boise BBQ

After tons of bbq competitions and multiple wins, including 2nd place in Ribs, 2nd in Brisket and 8th overall in a field of 30 teams – our recipes were secure. These wins have led us to spread our joy of good food and quality service to expand into two full-service dining experiences, with catering, food-trucks, and creative specials every day.
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