Hire the Meatwagon: It's fills the bill and the bellies

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Hire the Meatwagon: It's fills the bill and the bellies


If you have ever been involved in planning an event, the food aspect can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly.  It is a big job and takes some experience to know how to pull it off successfully. We totally understand the logistics and hassle because catering is what started our business 14 years ago.  


It’s overwhelming, because we know how important it is!  You’ve probably seen how food is often a big part of the experience!  It’s shared by everybody. The smell fills the air and signals a feast for your guests.  And, if it’s unusual food or just down right delicious (like our smoked meats), it’s also a conversation piece.  It is the glue for all social events.


Party on.

So, the kind of food you provide is going to say, “Dear Guest, you are THIS important and I am THIS organized, smart, etc..”  Let’s compare it to trick-or-treating for adults.  What is a more impressive memory-- the house that offers full-size candy bars around a toasty fire or the house that gives out dum-dums and bubblegum?


You want to be the house with the full-size candy bars, right?  Our crowd-pleasing solution hits all of those high notes-- including filling the air with incredible savory smells-- is our food truck: Big Daddy’s Meatwagon.  This is basically Big Daddy’s kitchen on wheels and is an extension of our restaurant at Linder and Cherry in Meridian.  We specialize in smoked meats, homemade sides, and unparalleled customer service. 


If you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, graduation celebration or client appreciation party in the Treasure Valley, consider the following reasons to bring  Meatwagon to feed your people.


1. Save Time on Shopping and Preparing the Food

The usually to-do list might include:

  • What to serve
  • Which foods are gluten-free
  • Calculating the amount of food
  • Shopping for the food, plates, drinks, utensils
  • Cooking and prepping the food
  • Keeping the food cold/hot
  • Keeping the food safe from contamination

But when you invite our Foodtruck, you can simply allow our expert, Kersten Grigg to handle the details while you simply invite & enjoy your guests without needing to manage food details.  Truly, stress at a celebration is not a good look for anyone-- especially as host!


2. Cross off Cleanup from the list of to-dos

Let the dirty work go to someone else!  When you book Big Daddy’s Meatwagon, this aspect is made easy and simple and there is far less to deal with after everyone is happy, full, and tired. 


3. Guidance on spending

It can be difficult to judge what is best for any event, no matter the size. Small or big events are both difficult when it comes to figuring out what food to serve.  Professional guidance is crucial when it comes to managing expectations.   Kersten has a lot of insight from years of experience and know-how.  She can help you make it stress-free, crowd-pleasing, easy, delicious, and uniquely customized.  She knows exactly what types of food will satisfy your guests best, or what fits in well with your expectations and budget.  

When it comes to gluten and dairy allergies, we can leave off the cheese and buns.  Our rubs and BBQ sauces are all gluten free.  


4. Fresh Air Factor

If you’ve ever been to a party with a food truck, you probably get the wow-factor it brings.  It really can be booked year round in the cities of the Treasure Valley-- Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, Eagle, Caldwell, & Boise, but Spring, Summer and Fall are best.  We can drive it to the park, your building’s parking lot, your uncle’s farm, the orchard, the football field, or whatever venue you’ve got in mind.

If your event is hosted inside, having your food truck outside the event doors can be a great way to disperse the guests.  


5. Casual

Meatwagon burgers, fries, tacos
We can bring the gourmet eats to your party.

The Big Daddy Meatwagon is perfect for a low-key, comfortable, fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Our handheld foods like burgers, sammies, tacos create a casual experience for people of all ages. Our truck fries, poutine, and nachos can be shared. With a food truck guests will be more likely wander, mingle and explore a bit outside of their comfort zone.


6. It's kinda Cool

You will want to say, “Hey, the Meatwagon will be there!”  Guests will love taking photos with their Brisket Poutine or the very filling Double Double Burg, in front of the truck with friends.  The flame-wrapped truck and our big, filling gourmet eats are a bit of a spectacle and lends itself naturally to social media posts.  It might be a good idea to collaborate and add your own hashtag for your event!

#allthecoolkidsaredoingit #happyandfull #givegoodfood #bdmeatwagonforthewin

So, when you’re planning your next event, imagine that smoked brisket smell wafting through the air while your guests salivate and celebrate! 

We also offer drop-off bulk food catering and full-service catering. If you have any questions or would like to book The Big Daddy’s Meatwagon, get in touch with Kersten Grigg at info@boisebbq.com or 208-898-5924!

See more pics and updates about Big Daddy's Meatwagon Food Truck on the facebook page below: 


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