What is Idaho Style Barbecue?

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What is Idaho Style Barbecue?

barbecue vs smoking vs grillingOur state isn’t exactly known for delicious barbecue like Texas, North Carolina, or  Kansas City, but don’t worry!  Our ‘Idaho Style’ barbecue does not mean we smoke brisket inside a giant brown Russet potato.  Nor is it endorsed by any political party and guns are not included.  

However, it does mean our founder, Hoss Grigg, took the best of what he learned from pitmasters before him, and made his own recipe to bring out the most amazing flavor in smoked meats.  Our Idaho Style barbecue has a Texas flare, but we are a montage of styles and all our recipes have originated here in the Treasure Valley, so we keep it “Idahoan.”

We feature 7 different meats-- all of which are dry rubbed with homemade recipes; brisket, pulled pork, ribs, turkey, chicken, spicy sausage, and jalapeno cheddar sausage.  All of these meats and a variety of others -- wings, burgers, pork loin, etc. are SMOKED.

Smoking is a type of barbecuing over low heat that imparts a pleasingly deep and woody flavor typically on big cuts of meat. Barbecue does not mean food is grilled on hot coals and slathered in sauce, but is the method of slow-cooking the meat itself.

Smoking meats often creates a pink center, or ring around the edge of the meat.

Our smoking not only cooks the meat, but browns it and adds flavor.  We use a variety of fruit woods, but mostly apple or cherry.  That means our smoky flavor is very light and almost sweet; but isn’t overwhelming or hearty like a Mesquite or Hickory would be.This process will often create a pink center, or ring around the edge of the meat. This pink color is a reaction from the smoke.  You can always tell how much something has been smoked by finding that defined ring.

The smoking process will often create a pink center, or ring around the edge of the meat.

We offer smoked prime rib on weekends in 8oz or 16oz serving sizes and, both come with two sides of choice!

Because our process is low and slow and can take up to 16 hours to process, it is possible for us to sell out of certain meats.  We can certainly accommodate with advance notice so that you can pick up larger quantities for your football parties, send-offs, baby showers, engagement celebrations, family reunions, poker nights, and no-particular-reason-get-togethers.  Learn more about our catering and/large quantity ordering.

All of our entrees are meat intensive, with a strong emphasis in flavor and ability to be smoked.  You’ll enjoy the homemade sides that give you a chance to break away from the normal backyard fare.

Meet our Pitmaster, Hoss Grigg.

So, come try our Idaho Style barbecue and see what all of the fuss is about.  

Boise BBQ

After tons of bbq competitions and multiple wins, including 2nd place in Ribs, 2nd in Brisket and 8th overall in a field of 30 teams – our recipes were secure. These wins have led us to spread our joy of good food and quality service to expand into two full-service dining experiences, with catering, food-trucks, and creative specials every day.
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