Meet Kersten Grigg, Your Catering Co-Star

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Meet Kersten Grigg, Your Catering Co-Star

Meet Kersten Grigg.  She is the Swiss army knife of Big Daddy’s BBQ and has been working for the company for more than half her life.  Being a part of the family business helped her learn the catering and restaurant business early and thoroughly. Now she oversees front of house operations, scheduling, training, hiring, bulk orders, full service catering, day to day orders, future orders, and the Big Daddy’s Meatwagon Food Truck.   On top of that, she assists her dad, Owner Hoss Grigg, with Operations. Kersten on the phone Besides the simple aspect of thousands of hours of experience, Kersten’s personality and education give her an edge to help make the customer experience from catering to dine-in  top-notch.  So, there’s no wonder Big Daddy’s fans  are fiercely-loyal, repeat customers. She’s a people-loving dynamo who shines in crazy, stressful environments.  “It surprised me how much I love about the hustle and bustle of the restaurant.   I come to life in a food truck when I’m neck deep in tickets— that’s where my personality thrives and I enjoy being able to make light of a hard situation.” Doesn’t that sound exactly like the expert you need to talk to when you’re booking an event? Insight for Catering in Boise and Meridian   Everyone knows that food brings people together, keeps them connected and is comforting.  There is a reason that it’s the first decision made when planning a get-together.  Ultimately it’s what makes the event, right? When you’re planning your next party, wedding, or luncheon, keep in mind some of her best tips:
    • Get GOOD food you WANT to eat. Don’t go cheap just  because you’re feeding a ton of people.  Food is not the biggest part, but it is memorable and shares in some of the limelight. Cheap food is going to detract from the entire event. 
    • Choose a caterer you trust. If you don’t have a caterer that’s doing that for you, then find a different one. If they aren’t going to be open with you and talk about the process you’re going to miss some things or feel under-served. **A lot of the caterers know each other and their reputation.  If you’re looking for a caterer, but not our Idaho Style BBQ, Big Daddy’s BBQ can also recommend some great ones here in the Treasure Valley.  Call us at (208) 898-5924. 
    • Let the caterer guide you through the process. “That’s what I do for our customers.  The process is easy, streamlined, and you only have to talk to me one or two times and you are set.  I’ve learned timeliness and what to ask our catering customers.”  As an event planner, you’ll have a thousand things going on and may not be thinking about the little details. Kersten makes this easier for you by making the whole process short, simple and sweet.
    • Don’t forget utensils and plates. This is something usually separate if you are not hiring full-service catering.  So, read the contract, make sure it’s covered either way.
    • Chill. Right now, Kersten’s pep-talk for this season is ”Get off your phone if you need to, hang out, get out of the negativity, let go of the stress.”  Good advice, right?
It takes a special leadership-oriented person to enjoy the high expectations of the job.  The most fun events for Kersten are weddings with a huge variety of personalities, traditions and sometimes drama!  “Big events are also really cool,”  says Kersten.  “It’s nice to know we are a major reason why people are coming-- often for the free food.  The compliments after when people come up for 2nds or 3rds and say, ‘That’s the best brisket I’ve ever had. That’s the best food I’ve ever had - it makes everything we do worth it!’ ” Outside of Work As an Idaho native, Kersten is thankful for this corner of the world. Accessibility, that famous “Boise-kindness” and nearby mountains, lakes, and rivers are some of her favorite things about our state. When her workaholic mode subsides for a day or two, you’ll find her working out, reading a good rom-com, cooking, and hanging out with her son. She looks forward to experiencing things through her baby boy’s eyes-- like going to the zoo and getting a kiddie pool out for the day.
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