Unexpected Renovations

Boise BBQ

Unexpected Renovations

If you dined with us during February, you would have seen all sorts of changes happening in our dining room. We wish these updates were simply for fun, but they came from necessity. Near the end of March and the beginning of February, water was not properly draining due to a clogged drain, and a good portion of our flooring was damaged. The damage also extended to Lucky Perk, the coffee shop next to us. (Sorry Lucky Perk).

We had noisy fans out for the week the damage first took place to help dry out the concrete underneath our wood floor. We opted to completely replace the dining room floor. While the concrete dried. We gave our siding a fresh coat of paint and changed the center layout of the dining room.

Flooring is ripped up

During the last full week of February, we were able to get the flooring all installed! We are looking shiny and brand new. We want to thank our patient guests who dined with us while we took care of these unexpected renovations. We are so appreciative of the love and patience showed to us through all the different and crazy events.

New Flooring is In!

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Boise BBQ

After tons of bbq competitions and multiple wins, including 2nd place in Ribs, 2nd in Brisket and 8th overall in a field of 30 teams – our recipes were secure. These wins have led us to spread our joy of good food and quality service to expand into two full-service dining experiences, with catering, food-trucks, and creative specials every day.
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