Win BBQ, Cookies, and a Vasectomy!

Boise BBQ

Win BBQ, Cookies, and a Vasectomy!

Big Daddy’s took a trip to the area’s only independent urologist, Dr. Jared Heiner at Treasure Valley Urology.

We KNOW that’s weird….but just hear us out.  Back in November 2020, we were offering cookies from Darling Cookie Co. to go with our smoked turkeys.  Well, we learned then that you can actually order a set of the funniest, happiest, sassiest, delicious Vasectomy-themed cookies you’ve ever seen.  The proof is in the pictures and also in our bellies.

SO, of course, we needed to revisit that and put a package  together. 😉  We have a lot of manly men who are our regulars… and this is for them, really. Who are we kidding?  It's for their wives, too.  We want to make that not-so-pleasant procedure a little nicer with Big daddy’s BBQ, cookies and a MAJOR break on the bill. 

If you’re reading this, you have a chance to win Big Daddy’s wonderful smoked gourmet eats, cookies, and a vasectomy courtesy Dr. Jared Heiner of Treasure Valley Urology What are you waiting for? Enter now!

Kersten Grigg holds a box of vasectomy cookies
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