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Boise BBQ

New to the Menu

3 prime rib street tacos served on black and white checked paper along side brisket chili cheese fries on black and white checkered paper with a Big Daddy's cup in the back.

Brisket Chili cheese Fries

What these fries are about: Crispy fries covered in homemade nacho cheese, brisket chili, and sprinkled with cheddar cheese and red onion.

Perfect for sharing with friends and family as an appetizer to your main courses!

Available for $11.99 (tax not included)

Prime Rib Tacos

Three street prime rib tacos served on a black and white checked paper with a wood board in the background.


These three pieces of heaven include thin sliced smoked prime rib tossed in sweet heat sauce, stuffed in corn tortillas, and topped with crispy onions and parsley. 

Great start to your meal or for an entire meal for those with a little less room in the tummy!

Available for $13.29 (tax not included)

Try one or both appetizers today!

Available to order online or when visiting the restaurant.

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Boise BBQ

After tons of bbq competitions and multiple wins, including 2nd place in Ribs, 2nd in Brisket and 8th overall in a field of 30 teams – our recipes were secure. These wins have led us to spread our joy of good food and quality service to expand into two full-service dining experiences, with catering, food-trucks, and creative specials every day.
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